#FBI: Are the online video gaming websites the perfect recruitment ground for the hostile foreign intelligence services, including the GRU? Frequency and mortality of the US mass shootings go hand in hand with the degree of tensions in the international relations, primarily between the US and Russia. FBI, do the good statistical studies to elaborate further on this impression.


Are the online video gaming websites the perfect recruitment places for the hostile foreign intelligence services, including the GRU? - GS

 Video games blur the line between the fantasy and reality - GS

"Almost every teen plays video games — 97 percent of boys, according to the Pew Research Center, and 83 percent of girls."

And out of this number, about 1% to 5% may be quite susceptible to the online manipulations, including the "priming" for mass killings and other crimes detrimental to National Security, like these recent Pentagon leaks. Out of the 1-5% susceptible group, there is probably a final 1-5% of doers group. Computer interactions are very likely augmented by the real life human agents, witting or not.  

FBI has to pay attention and to deal with this factor, which is well described in mass media, and which will only gain in significance in the coming years. 

Michael Novakhov, blogger9:22 AM 4/14/2023


Gaming Terrorist Recruitment

Technology and social media provide extremist groups with a unique global platform to spread their ideology and indoctrinate young recruits. The Islamic State exemplifies the use of technology to disseminate high quality propaganda that emulates Hollywood movies and popular video games. Using a variety of social media platforms, the Islamic State has been able to reach millions of people and encourage tens-of-thousands to leave their homes and join the Caliphate.


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Frequency and mortality of the US mass shootings go hand in hand with the degree of tensions in the international relations, primarily between the US and Russia. #FBI, do the good statistical studies to elaborate further on this impression. If true, this association will indicate (the still hypothetical and in need of further confirmations) involvement of the Russian intelligence services ("Spetsnaz"?) and the MOB-TOC in these incidents. It is not the availability of guns that matters much. It is the availability of the skills and subjects of these services (mass killings as the Special Psychological, intimidating Operations) that matters; well paid and otherwise rewarded by the ultimate customers (mostly Putin?). In other words, this is the Counterintelligence issue, more than any other. And it is one of the #Counterintelligence failures, which now become more and more visible. twitter.com/nytimes/status

Are the online video gaming websites the perfect recruitment ground for the hostile foreign intelligence services, including the gru? - Google Search

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