Putin could be TOPPLED by 'deadly' secret plot to remove him from power

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  • 4:36 ET, Jun 27 2022
  • Updated: 5:11 ET, Jun 27 2022

VLADIMIR Putin could be ousted by a deadly plot launched by his closest allies to remove him from power, an ex-CIA agent has claimed.

Daniel Hoffman, a former Moscow station chief, believes Putin's position would be in danger if the war in Ukraine fails - with a plot to remove him potentially life-threatening.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, Hoffman said: “These guys that are going to do it are going to be so secret about it, so that Putin doesn’t find them and kill them first.

“It’ll happen all of a sudden. And he’ll be dead. Nobody’s gonna ask, "Hey Vladimir, would you like to leave?"

"No. It’s a f***ing hammer to the head and he’s dead. Or it’s time to go to the sanatorium. They schwack him for it. That’s what they’ll do.”

Speculation around the despot's health continues, with various reports claiming the Russian leader is suffering a variety of illnesses, including blood cancer and Parkinson's.

Putin has been seen in the past with his legs covered with a thick blanket at a parade, and appeared to shake uncontrollably during a meeting with Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

But Hoffman believes there are three key figures to keep a watchful eye on should the Russian president be replaced.

The names include defence minister Sergei Shoigu, who has played a crucial role during Russia’s war in Ukraine and Nikolai Patrushev, the chief of Putin’s Security Council.

Another name in the running, according to Hoffman, would be FSB intelligence agency director Alexander Bortnikov.

Read our Ukraine-Russia war blog below for the latest news...

  • The United States on Monday announced new G7 sanctions targeting Russia's defence industry in a bid to hobble the Kremlin's ability to maintain the military machine during its invasion of Ukraine.

    "G7 leaders will align and expand targeted sanctions to further restrict Russia's access" to Western technology that can support the Russian arms industry, the White House said.

    And the US will also "aggressively target Russian defence supply chains... and limit Russia's ability to replace the military equipment it has already lost during its brutal war".

  • Regional authorities urged civilians on Monday to urgently evacuate the eastern Ukrainian city of Lysychansk which is being attacked by Russian forces.

    "The situation in the city is very difficult," Serhiy Gaidai, the governor of the Luhansk region which includes Lysychansk, wrote on the Telegram messaging app.

  • President Volodymyr Zelensky will urge world powers to step up their support for Ukraine when he addresses the G7 summit on Monday, as Kyiv reels from the first Russian strikes on the capital in weeks.

    US President Joe Biden and his counterparts from the Group of Seven wealthy democracies, meeting in the Bavarian Alps, have stressed their unity in the face of Russia's aggression -- even as the global fallout worsens.

    Zelensky is set to join the leaders of the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Japan and Canada via video link at 10:00 am (0800 GMT).

    In his daily address late Sunday, Zelensky renewed his calls for more weapons and air defence systems to be delivered to Ukraine and for fresh sanctions against Russia by G7 nations.

    "We need a powerful air defence -- modern, fully effective. Which can ensure complete protection against these missiles. We talk about this every day with our partners. There are already some agreements. And partners need to move faster if they are really partners, not observers," he said.

    "Delays in the transfer of weapons to our state, any restrictions are actually an invitation for Russia to strike again and again."

    Zelensky's appeal came after Russia struck a residential building in Kyiv, Ukraine said, leaving one person dead and wounding four others including a seven-year-old girl.

  • Britain is providing technology to ensure that any wheat stolen from Ukraine by Russia does not make it to the global market, Britain's environment minister George Eustice said on Monday.

    Russia's Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine and blockade of its Black Sea ports has prevented the country, traditionally one of the world's top food producers, from exporting much of the more than 20 million tonnes of grain stored in its silos.

    Last week Turkey said it was investigating claims that Ukrainian grain had been stolen by Russia and shipped to countries including Turkey, but added the probes had not found any stolen shipments so far.

    Russia has previously denied allegations that it has stolen Ukrainian grain.

    "Russia, it appears, are stealing some wheat from those stores," Eustice, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, told Sky News.

    "What the UK government is doing is making available the technology that we've got to be able to test the provenance of wheat. We're working with other countries including Australia on this so that we can ensure that stolen Ukrainian wheat does not find a route to market."

  • A number of people have been left dead after Ukraine’s north-eastern Kharkiv region had recently been under heavy Russian bombardment.

    Oleh Syniehubov, the regional head, says the area was shelled again overnight.

    Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine troops have destroyed 4,019 residential homes, 97 medical facilities and 427 educational institutions.

  • Boris met with the G7 today, in order to discuss the world’s approach to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    He was full of praise for the President, saying he would be happy to host the wartime hero at Downing Street.

    “I think that Volodymyr Zelenskyy has done an absolutely amazing job of leading his country and leading world opinion in an appalling time,” Johnson told ITV News.

    “If he ever becomes free to leave and it makes sense for him to leave Ukraine, then obviously the UK would be only too honoured to host him.

    “But the most important thing is for us to continue to be united here at the G7. And we are.”

  • As Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine wages on, they continue to suffer heavy losses.

    UK intelligence has reported that the Donetsk militia alone has lost 55% of its original force.

    Other reports claim the invading force has lost over 30,000 soldiers since the war began.

  • Former boxer and mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, has paid tribute to his fallen comrades as the EU announce Ukraine as been awarded candidate status.

    “We paid a very high price for this chance,” he wrote on Telegram. “Yes, we still have a lot to do on the way to the European family.

    “But I am sure that Ukraine will do everything necessary, fulfil all the conditions and pass the necessary laws. Because otherwise our state has no future. Indeed, our best defenders are dying for it.”

  • Britain will join Canada and Japan in banning gold imports from Russia.

    The Russian gold industry was worth $15.2bn to Russia in 2021 alone, meaning this will deal a potent blow to their economy.

    The ban will come into effect soon, as the west looks to hit Russia with more sanctions as they continue their brutal invasion of Ukraine.

  • Dramatic video captures the moment a Russian surface-to-air missile system fires on itself in a bizarre malfunction.

    In the footage, the missile can be seen shooting into the sky – before turning mid-air and slamming back into where it came from in an enormous explosion.

    The short clip was reportedly shot in the Ukrainian city of Alchevsk in the Luhansk region, which is under the occupation of pro-Russian separatist forces and is on the front line of the war in Ukraine.

    It was filmed in the early hours of Friday morning when Russian troops reportedly launched a missile to intercept an oncoming Ukrainian plane.

    However, seconds later, the missile was returned to sender after the tracking system went haywire.

    The video shows a huge explosion as well as bright flashes shooting down from the crash site.

  • Russia will begin sending nukes to its ally in the coming months, as the war with Ukraine escalates.

    The Iskander-M missile is a short-range nuclear capable weapon.

    Putin stated that it “can fire ballistic and cruise missiles, both conventional and nuclear types”.

  • Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has featured a key tactic, laying mines across the country.

    In newly released information it was revealed that it will take over a decade to remove these mines.

    When asked if Britain would Ukraine in de-mining the nation, Johnson had this to say: “Yes, I don’t want to get into the technical or military details, but you can take it from what we have already done in supplying equipment to the Ukrainians to help themselves protect that we are certainly talking to them at a technical level to help de-mine Odesa.”

  • VLADIMIR Putin would “fight to the end” during scraps at school as a child, his former classmates and teachers claim.

    The Russian tyrant was branded “sneaky” and a “problem causer” by those who knew him in his younger years – decades before he waged war in Ukraine.

    According to his former pals, Putin would terrorise his school in Leningrad’s Dzerzhinsky district and would “get into a frenzy” should anyone pick a fight with him.

    His newly qualified form teacher, 26-year-old Tamara Chizova, said she was driven to despair by the “disorganised” youngster who would “definitely cause problems”, reports The Times.

    With a rebellious streak in him, his childhood best friend Viktor Borisenko recalled Putin was the first to join a fight when one broke out.

    He said: “He could get into a fight with anyone. He had no fear.

    “It never occurred to him that the other boy was stronger and might beat him up.

    “If some hulking guy offended him, he would jump straight at him — scratch him, bite him, pull out clumps of his hair.

    “He wasn’t the strongest in our class, but in a fight he could beat anyone because he would get into a frenzy and fight to the end.”

  • A superyacht owned by a Russian tycoon boasting an eye-watering £61million price tag is set to be auctioned off after being seized.

    The stunning 240ft vessel – named The Axioma – has a catalogue of bougie features including six decks, a pool with a swim-up bar and even a cinema.

    Owned by Russian billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky, the mighty yacht was seized back in March amid Western sanctions over Vladimir Putin‘s bloody war in Ukraine.

    It is now to be auctioned off for a huge sum of cash under the orders of Gibraltar’s supreme court, reports YouTube channel ESysman SuperYachts.

    And the winning bidder will be setting sail amid copious amounts of luxury, with six cabins able to accommodate up to 12 guests.

    All rooms are set on the main deck – which has large windows for breath-taking panoramic views.

  • VLADIMIR Putin has called a morbidly obese general out of retirement to lead his troops in Ukraine as he is running out of senior officers, reports claim.

    The Russian despot is now “scraping the barrel” and relying on 20st vodka-swilling General Pavel, 67, to revive his faltering invasion.

    He is said to be in charge of Putin’s special forces in eastern Ukraine after the unit’s former commander was seriously injured in an artillery strike, a source told the Daily Star.

    The hulking veteran reportedly served in Russia‘s bungled invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s and has over four decades’ experience under his straining belt.

    General Pavel first became a commander of elite troops 25 years ago, but had settled into high-calorie retirement.

    He reportedly scoffs five meals a day and washes it down with at least a litre of vodka.

  • Ukrainian forces are likely to have withdrawn from the remaining defensive positions in Sieverodonetsk according to the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

    In their latest intelligence update the Ministry said: “Most Ukrainian forces have likely withdrawn from their remaining defensive positions in the Donbas city of Sieverodonetsk.

    “In April 2022, Russia revised its immediate campaign plan from aiming to occupy the majority of Ukraine, to a more focused offensive in the Donbas.

    “Russia’s capture of the city is a significant achievement within this reduced objective. The settlement was a major industrial centre and it occupies a strategic position on the Siverskyi Donets River.

    “However, it is only one of several challenging objectives Russia will need to achieve to occupy the whole of the Donbas region.

    “These include advancing on the major centre of Kramatorsk and securing the main supply routes to Donetsk city.”

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– Zelensky to push G7 for extra aid as war rages –

President Volodymyr Zelensky will urge environment powers to action up their support for Ukraine when he addresses the G7 summit on Monday, as Kyiv reels from the to start with Russian strikes on the cash in months.  US President Joe Biden and his counterparts from the Group of 7 wealthy democracies, conference in the Bavarian Alps, have stressed their unity in the face of Russia’s aggression — even as the world wide fallout worsens.  Zelensky is set to be part of the leaders of the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Japan and Canada by means of video link at 10:00 am (0800 GMT).

In his everyday address late Sunday, June 26, Zelensky renewed his phone calls for extra weapons and air defence techniques to be delivered to Ukraine and for fresh sanctions towards Russia by G7 nations.  “We will need a effective air defence — fashionable, totally effective. Which can be certain entire defense towards these missiles. We speak about this every single day with our partners. There are currently some agreements. And partners need to have to go a lot quicker if they are actually partners, not observers,” he stated.

“Delays in the transfer of weapons to our state, any limits are actually an invitation for Russia to strike again and once again.”  Zelensky’s enchantment came right after Russia struck a residential building and nursery in Kyiv, leaving just one person useless and wounding 4 other individuals including a 7-yr-aged lady.

Biden condemned the strikes, the to start with on the Ukrainian cash in just about a few weeks, as “barbarism”.  German Chancellor and G7 host Olaf Scholz mentioned the assault confirmed once again “that it is suitable to stand alongside one another and guidance Ukrainians”.

Russia denied it had hit a civilian concentrate on, nonetheless, stating its forces experienced struck the Artyom weapons factory in the neighbourhood. The G7 summit, held at the picturesque Elmau Castle, operates until finally Tuesday, June 28.

It will be adopted by a meeting of NATO nations around the world in Spain, which Zelensky is also anticipated to dial into.  Last 7 days, the European Union confirmed its assistance by granting Kyiv applicant status.

– ‘Fatigue’ –

G7 customers kicked off their gathering on Sunday by asserting a ban on imports of Russian gold, the most current in a collection of sanctions aimed at crippling President Vladimir Putin’s war effort.  British Key Minister Boris Johnson warned his fellow G7 leaders not to give in to “fatigue” and mentioned Ukraine would require lengthy-term assistance.  The conflict has by now induced a food stuff and strength disaster that has despatched inflation soaring and fanned recession fears, such as amid Kyiv’s Western allies.

Downing Avenue mentioned Johnson on Monday would phone for “urgent action” to get Ukraine’s critical cereal exports shifting again, which have been held up by Russia’s blockade of crucial ports.  With millions of tonnes of grain trapped in silos, problems are growing that countries in northern Africa and the Middle East that are very reliant on Ukrainian exports could encounter famine.  Non-G7 nations Argentina, Indonesia, India, Senegal and South Africa have been invited to be part of the G7 summit from Monday, June 27.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who will host a G20 summit in November, has explained he plans to use the trip to also go to Ukraine and Russia in the coming times to request Putin and Zelensky to open up a dialogue for peace.  Indonesia, like most significant rising economies, has experimented with to retain a neutral place, and Widodo has not bowed to Western tension to exclude Putin from the November meeting.

– To ‘Intimidate Ukrainians’ –

On the floor in Ukraine, Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klitschko explained Sunday’s missile assault on the city was a Russian try to “intimidate Ukrainians” forward of the NATO summit.  Tearful inhabitants recounted the instant the missiles struck.  “I woke up at the initial explosion, went to the balcony and noticed missiles falling and heard a substantial explosion — anything vibrated,” 38-year-old Yuri instructed AFP, declining to give his surname.

An AFP team stated there was a fireplace on the major a few flooring of the building and its stairwell was entirely wrecked.  But Russia’s defence ministry condemned as “fake” reports that it experienced targeted a household developing. Following failing to seize Kyiv early on soon after their February 24 invasion, Russian troops have shifted their target to the eastern Donbas area, which has been partially underneath the handle of professional-Moscow separatists since 2014.

– ‘Fully occupied’ –

The Russians produced a strategic breakthrough Saturday when they took the industrial hub of Severodonetsk, the scene of weeks of fierce battles that have left it largely wrecked.

Severodonetsk’s mayor claimed it experienced been “fully occupied” by Russian troops following Ukrainian forces retreated to greater protect the neighbouring metropolis of Lysychansk. Its seize would give Russia command of the overall Lugansk location in the Donbas, Ukraine’s industrial heartland.

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Суд Ленинского района Минска приговорил минчанина Игоря Карпицкого к 7 годам колонии, сообщает правозащитный центр "Вясна". Приговор вынесли 3 июня, известно об этом стало спустя три недели. Карпицкого обвиняли по статьям: об оскорблении Александра Лукашенко (часть 1 статьи 368 УК), оскорблении представителя власти (статья 369 УК), насилии или угрозе насилия в отношении милиционера (часть 1 и 2 статьи 366 УК), грубом нарушении порядка (часть 1 статьи 342 УК). По информации правозащитников, Карпицкого обвинили в блокировании проезжей части на проспекте Независимости, улицы Ленина, проспекта Победителей и других. Кроме того, по версии обвинения, минчанин написал несколько электронных писем с угрозами на сайт Александра Лукашенко. Также Карпицкий отправил "электронное сообщение, доступное третьим лицам, в том числе сотрудникам администрации президента", в котором оскорбил министра внутренних дел Ивана Кубракова и командира ОМОНа Мингорисполкома Дмитрия Балабу. По данным медицинского освидетельствования, на момент совершения преступлений мужчина страдал психическим заболеванием, но мог осознавать характер и общественную опасность своих действий. Правозащитники сообщают, что у Карпицкого на содержании находится несовершеннолетний ребенок.

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"G20 должна продолжать играть свою роль", - заявил глава немецкого правительства. При этом Шольц не дал однозначного ответа на вопрос о том, сядет ли он за стол переговоров с президентом РФ Владимиром Путиным.

1990162 all news | Deutsche Welle
Russian troops have launched 20 strikes on 12 settlements in the Donetsk region over the past 24 hours, with civilian casualties recorded.
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Европейские газеты во время саммита G7, который также называют "военным саммитом". Вот немецкоязычная газета Южного Тироля спрашивает на первой полосе "Попадет ли Путин в ад?"


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Since the start of Russia's war, Ukraine has received billions of dollars’ worth of weapons from dozens of countries aje.io/ah482p


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Sorry, #Ukraine. This is a turning point. Russia will definitely win this war. They have provided proof that they have more reserves than you do.


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