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India Sounds Alarm Over 'Revenge Travel' as Tourists Cram Holiday Spots

India grapples with dilemma of allowing economy to open amid threat of surging infections #India #tourism

Jovenel MoïseJovenel MoïseJovenel Moïse, who served president of Haiti for a little over four years, had an unexpected end to his presidency on the morning of July 7, 2021.
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‘It’s a hotbed’: Miami’s role in Haiti murder plot fits decades-long pattern

Exile communities, ready supply of military veterans, history of corrupt politics and drugs money make city a nexus for mayhem

One of the less surprising developments in the unfolding mystery of the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moïse is the central role of Miami in the whole story.

For decades, Miami has been the launching pad and a byword for half-baked plots and coups – from the Bay of Pigs, the failed invasion of Cuba in 1961, to last year’s harebrained raid on Venezuela, and now, allegedly, last week’s murder of the Haitian president. Most of the supposed participants were killed or arrested in the 24 hours after the murder.

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Israel, UAE sign agricultural agreements


Israel on Tuesday signed its first agricultural agreements with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE Minister of Food and Water Security Mariam Al-Muhairi joined Agriculture Minister Oded Forer in Tel Aviv for the signing ceremony, according to i24NEWS. The two countries agreed to cooperate on research and innovation, including developing crops that can thrive in desert environments as well as advancements in water management and irrigation. "The United Arab Emirates and Israel share many challenges when it comes to food security, and we are cooperating to find innovative and feasible solutions to these challenges," said al-Muhairi. Israel signed normalization agreements with both Bahrain and the UAE last year, as part of the Abraham Accords initiated by the administration of former US President Donald Trump. On Wednesday, the UAE will officially inaugurate its embassy in Tel Aviv in a ceremony attended by President Isaac Herzog. UAE Ambassador to Israel Mohammad al Khaja will host the ceremony, which will include a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a reception. Foreign Minister Yair Lapid recently became the first Israeli minister to embark on an official visit to the UAE, where he officially inaugurated Israel"s embassy and consulate in Dubai. Last week, a day after he assumed office, Lapid spoke to the UAE Foreign Minister. "I look forward to working with him to build on the warm and unique relations between our two countries for the benefit of our peoples and the entire Middle East," tweeted Lapid after the conversation.
Ransomware Prevention and Response Tips for Public Agencies  JD Supra
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"Have you no shame?" he asked Republicans in a Tuesday speech as federal voting rights legislation stalled and a wave of restrictive new...
Concerns over the stability of a cracked pool deck at the collapsed Florida condo building raised flags as far back as 25 years ago,...


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