Voice of America – English: Netanyahu Fails to Form Government Before Deadline posted at 06:50:57 UTC

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Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said he would contact parties in the Knesset on Wednesday about the process of forming a government following the expiration of a 28-day period in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to assemble a ruling coalition. 

Netanyahu’s failure sent the process back to Rivlin, who is expected in the coming days to give one of Netanyahu’s opponents a chance to form a government. 

Among the likely candidates are Yair Lapid, whose centrist Yesh Atid party finished second behind Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party in March elections, and Naftali Bennett, head of the small religious, nationalist Yamina party. 

Rivlin also has the option of asking parliament to select one of its own members as prime minister. 

The process of seeking a coalition government was necessitated by the failure of any party to achieve a majority in 120-member Knesset in the March 23 vote, which was Israel’s fourth election in less than two years. 

Netanyahu held talks with a number of rivals and made unprecedented overtures to the leader of a small Islamist Arab party during his failed attempt to assemble a majority.  

Right-wing and Jewish religious parties, as well as traditional left-wing and centrist parties, have courted parties representing Israel’s estimated 20% Arab minority, potentially empowering them to influence a Cabinet for the first time in decades.    

The 71-year-old Netanyahu has been prime minister since 2009 after holding the same office for three years in the 1990s. He has been fighting to remain in office through two years of political deadlock due to the inconclusive elections.    

He is on trial facing criminal corruption charges and has denied any wrongdoing. 


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3 Shot Bushwick | BROOKLYN, NY 7.26.18

BUSHWICK, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - 3 people were shot in a basketball court next to a playground Thursday evening at 6:45 pm at Woodbine St & Knickerbocker Ave. They were shot in the arm, back, and leg. A kids soccer team was nearby at practice. They were not injured. The victims were transported to Kings County and Wyckoff hospitals. One of them was in critical condition. No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. (7.26.18)

MI6 chief 'still angry' over Novichok poisonings in Salisbury  Leigh Journal


Saliva test said to detect COVID-19 antibodies  KIRO Seattle
Clements bar owner arrested for allegedly selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards  KTXL FOX 40 Sacramento
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update (4 May 2021) - World  ReliefWeb

Мексиканские власти объявили трёхдневный национальный траур по жертвам катастрофы в столичном метро. Их число возросло.

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At least 41 military veterans have been charged in the attack, prompting a ... The FBI's Louisville office announced its latest arrest of a Kentuckian ...
В результате обрушения метромоста в Мехико погибли 25 человек, все тела опознаны, сообщила прокуратура мексиканской столицы.

Большая часть погибших – мужчины. Также при обрушении погибли четыре женщины и один 13-летний подросток, передает РИА «Новости».

«Тела погибших в результате трагедии на линии метро 12 были опознаны и переданы родственникам», – сообщила прокуратура Мехико.

Напомним, метромост вместе с поездом рухнул на юго-востоке Мехико, в районе станций Оливос и Тесонко, пострадали 79 человек.


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Евро остался на прежнем уровне.

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NPR News: 05-05-2021 2AM ET

Download audio: https://play.podtrac.com/npr-500005/edge1.pod.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/newscasts/2021/05/05/newscast020836.mp3?awCollectionId=500005&awEpisodeId=993746763&orgId=1&d=300&p=500005&story=993746763&t=podcast&e=993746763&size=4500000&ft=pod&f=500005

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Президент США Джо Байден сообщил, что рассчитывает на личную встречу с президентом России Владимиром Путиным в увязке со своей поездкой в Европу в июне текущего года.

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India's leader holds rally with thousands as virus rips through country
CNN's Clarissa Ward reports from New Delhi on the growing criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his failure to control a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India.

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While Yesh Atid and Yamina leaders have cooperated in the past and have agreed Bennett will go first as PM, significant hurdles remain; coalition must rely on Islamist Ra'am party
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