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Putya-boy: Pay attention: "Road Work Ahead", "Ease Today"! Two full white bags of tacos and enchiladas: looks good, whatever it means. M.M. - 5:02 AM 5/6/2021 - Selected News Review Articles shar.es/aoSLDQ


CNN International @cnni
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The rediscovery of the rare plant could help to revive Sierra Leone's floundering coffee industry, which was decimated by 11 years of civil war. cnn.it/3tlWW2L
Bloomberg Politics @bpolitics
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The European Union is ready to discuss a U.S. proposal to waive intellectual property protection for Covid-19 vaccines trib.al/jXk72Zi
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House Republicans Demand Answers from FBI on FISA Abuse - May 4, 2021 shar.es/aoSD6W


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Most voters support Biden's American Families Plan, poll finds shar.es/aoSQhP


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Ex-FBI agent linked to Whitey Bulger to be freed from prison - go.shr.lc/3f19KGI - @washtimes
CNN Politics @CNNPolitics
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The big lie. The Covid misinformation. It all comes back to Russia. | Analysis cnn.it/3xYkdvx
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#Cuomo on nursing homes: 'I did nothing wrong'. M.N.: And he is absolutely correct: he did nothing wrong in "nursing homes deaths" and in "sexual harassment" non-scandals. Conduct your #political #fights honestly, not with your usual #backstabbing tactics shar.es/aoSNTv


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Two full white bags of tacos and enchiladas: looks good, whatever it means. M.M. - 5:02 AM 5/6/2021 - Selected News Review Articles shar.es/aoSLrW


Anti-Fascism & Far Right 🥤 @FFRAFAction
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Fascism’s Global Spread is Real — As Real as the Spread of COVID-19 fpif.org/fascisms-globa…
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#Лавров заявил о разрушении архитектуры отношений #России и #Евросоюза. Значит #гнилая была эта #архитектура, Лавров. Ищи нового архитектора. - M.N. shar.es/aoVnG7
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Michael Novakhov @mikenov
OPINIONS newsandtimes.org
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US secretary of state warns on Russia and China - BBC News youtu.be/H3t_jIdYba8 via @YouTube
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Putin's Role in Capitol Riot - Google Search shar.es/aoVafy


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Jan. 6 Capitol Sacking: Putin’s Role (Part 4) | Falls Church News-Press Online shar.es/aoVar3


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Nicholas F. Benton - Google Search shar.es/aoVatV


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Jan. 6 Capitol Sacking: Putin’s Role (Part 4) - By Nicholas F. Benton | Falls Church News-Press Online - Tweets Review - 9:20 AM 5/6/2021 shar.es/aoVaJz


New York Post @nypost
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Twitter suspends Trump's new 'From the Desk' account trib.al/DA3HtF7


LIVE: How Covid Has Reshaped Real Estate From New York to Singapore | To... youtu.be/O35pHrl0ehQ via @YouTube

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