Two shot at NYC corner, neighbors left rattled | Benjamin Netanyahu calls stampede one of Israel's 'worst' disasters | AFP posted at 11:36:09 UTC

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Two shot at NYC corner, neighbors left rattled  New York Daily News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says a stampede that killed at least 44 people at a Jewish pilgrimage site was one of the "worst" disasters in Israel's history. The nighttime disaster struck after pilgrims thronged to Meron at the site of the reputed tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a second-century Talmudic sage, where mainly ultra-Orthodox Jews mark the Lag BaOmer holiday.

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  1. First, Russia came for Navalny, then his people and organizations. Now, his lawyer has been arrested.  The Washington Post
  2. Russia's Alexey Navalny "just a horrible skeleton" in 1st court appearance since prison hunger strike  CBS News
  3. Navalny’s Network is Disbanding, Citing Pressure From Putin  The New York Times
  4. As Russia's confrontation with the West escalates so has its crackdown on dissent at home
  5. Prominent Russian Lawyer Detained for 'Sharing Investigative Details'  The Moscow Times
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UFOs buzzing US warships have been sent by PUTIN former senator Harry Reid claims  Daily Mail
Russia adds Alexei Navalny network to 'extremist' list  DW (English)

ON THIS DAY IN 1861, a Brooklyn Daily Eagle editorial said, “The Southern newspapers are very interesting reading about this time. The more judicious of them look with seriousness, if not with alarm, at the unparalleled change in Northern feeling; they do not affect to despise the resources at our command, and have a lively […]

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Президент Владимир Путин на оперативном совещании с членами Совета безопасности РФ обсудил ситуацию в Каспийском регионе.


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В Кремль не поступало никаких конкретных предложений по встрече глав России и Украины, в том числе о площадке для проведения такой встречи, сообщил пресс-секретарь президента РФ Дмитрий Песков. "Пока нет ничего: ни по повестке, ни по чему", - констатировал он


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В Кремле возлагают ответственность за ухудшение российско-американских отношений на администрацию США.


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В Кремле заявили, что обстоятельства смерти ученого Виктора Кудрявцева, обвиняемого в госизмене, им неизвестны, поэтому в данном случае осуждать следственные органы неправильно, заявил пресс-секретарь президента РФ Дмитрий Песков.


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After growing up in a Zimbabwe convulsed by the legacy of colonialism, when I got to Oxford I realised how many British people still failed to see how empire had shaped lives like mine – as well as their own. By Simukai Chigudu

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  1. Doomed Indonesian sub may have been hit by powerful underwater wave: report  Fox News
  2. Indonesian military pays last respects to submarine crew  Washington Post
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COVID-19: What you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic on 30 April  World Economic Forum


With Surges, It's Hard To Stop Transmission Of COVID-19, Variants  NPR


Several European countries have reported cases, and some have restricted travel with India as fears grow.
... meetings with undercover law enforcement officers working for the task force based in the FBI's Boston office, according to an affidavit by FBI Special ...

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