Michael Novakhov on FBI: Dismantle the Inept, Incompetent, Brainless, Psychopathic FBI-KGB MONSTER! They are the main source of the problems, pervasive stupidity and the deeply rooted evil in America!

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Dismantle the Inept, Incompetent, Brainless, Psychopathic, The Hundred Eyed Blind FBI-KGB MONSTER,

at long last, and create the new and capable, efficient Domestic Intelligence Service!!! FBI is the main problem this country is facing. They were subverted and were turned into the blindly destructive Trojan horse for this country. Slowly but steadily and surely, they imploded America from within. Destroy them: erase them from the ground and the social-political practices and the culture of this country. They are the main source of the problems, pervasive stupidity and the deeply rooted evil in America! 

Michael Novakhov | 5:12 AM 3/15/2020


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fbi” – Google News: Florida law enforcement holds drive-by birthday for son of fallen FBI agent – FOX 35 Orlando | All News And Times - all-nt.com

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