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    Yesterday, when a thief pushed open the window of a 5th floor Flatiron apartment & startled the occupants, these fast-acting @NYPD13Pct cops tracked down the criminal, disarmed him of his metal pipe, & took him into custody.

    Great job guys!

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    LATEST: At least eight people injured, two critically, following explosion and fire at paint manufacturing plant in Columbus, Ohio. https://abcn.ws/3t18JV3 

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    "Gaetz is a huge Trump fanboy who recently proposed to his fiancée (yes!) at Mar-a-Lago," @GailCollins writes https://nyti.ms/3tcm8te 

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    : Britons aged 18-29 will be offered an alternative to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine following 79 people developing blood clots after the jab, government advisors have decided https://trib.al/eDME6XD 

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    Suspect who randomly shoved elderly Asian man caught on surveillance video https://trib.al/9uwI27P 

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    Pakistani rights groups are criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan after he claimed that wearing the veil — the traditional Islamic head covering — will protect women from sexual assault and not lead men into temptation. http://apne.ws/jJ4RT12 

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    Опытный адвокат Ева Рахамимова
    Сотни выигранных дел!
    Нам под силу решение всех сложных правовых вопросов
    +1(347)312-4879 https://rusrek.com/mall/law_office_of_yeva_rakhamimova_pllc_7563817/ 

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    The F-15EX has a new namehttps://trib.al/Qylv04v 

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    Deputy Chief Chaplain Monsignor David Cassato had the solemn honor of celebrating the funeral mass for @NYPD42Pct Police Officer Vincent Ricci; beloved son and friend to all. We will .

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    Mother who hid her dead baby in a hedge after giving birth without knowing she was pregnant avoids jail https://trib.al/G8zsHkK 

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