8:50 AM 12/5/2020 - The Dynamics of the Putin's Russia Economic and Political Powers in its Near Abroad

 8:50 AM 12/5/2020

The Dynamics of the Putin's Russia Economic and Political Powers in its Near Abroad: the effects of the oil price - Google Search

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Russia's Near Abroad - JStor

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development and their implications for Russia's relations with its near abroad. The Current ... from the 1998 plunge in oil prices and its devastating effects on state finances. Hence ... political and economic decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union, ... tional Forces in Europe and President Putin's announcement to target.

Understanding the Factors That Will Impact the Succession to ...

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Since Tsarist times, creating a successful political succession has always been ... prised Russian politicians and analysts, Putin used his annual state-of-the- ... economy has experienced little to no growth, and the effects ... growth (largely because of high oil and gas prices). ... Nationalism in Russia and the Near Abroad.
by J TEFFT · ‎2020

Russian Views of the International Order - RAND Corporation

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Putin explained, “Instead of establishing a new balance of power, essential for maintain- ing order ... ence within its “near abroad” (meaning Russia's perceived sphere of influence ... 5. political and economic cooperation as a partner equal to other ... views offer the most-direct implications for U.S. policy toward Russia.
by A Radin · ‎2017 · ‎Cited by 84 · ‎Related articles

Russian Foreign Policy in the Middle East under Putin: Can Bears Walk in the  Desert?


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