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  1. Michael Novakhov Retweeted

    Daily Mail US


    Inside Walter Reed: The 'Nation's Medical Center' where Trump will be treated for COVID https://trib.al/5L9WHuD 

    Inside Walter Reed where Trump will be treated for COVID-19

    While at Walter Reed National Medical Center for observation and treatment for COV-19, President Trump will be in the hands of 7,000 staff members, including some of the nation's top doctors.


  2. Michael Novakhov Retweeted



    Kellyanne Conway tests positive for COVID-19, entering quarantine https://www.newsweek.com/kellyanne-conway-tests-positive-covid-19-entering-quarantine-1536149?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1601697879 

    Kellyanne Conway tests positive for COVID-19, entering quarantine

    "My symptoms are mild (light cough) and I'm feeling fine," Kellyanne Conway tweeted on Friday as she announced she had tested positive for COVID-19.


  3. Michael Novakhov@mikenov

    LIVE SOON: Trump’s doctor gives health update at Walter Reed hospital https://youtu.be/hG-Q0AqFDGY  via @YouTube

  4. Michael Novakhov@mikenov

    Сергей Есенин - монах, безбожник и поника. Доброе утро. Суббота. Фрагмен... https://youtu.be/PIFbXISIlgA  via @YouTube

  5. Michael Novakhov@mikenov

    Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Azerbaijan president blames Armenia https://youtu.be/P2NlIPcyWU4  via @YouTube

  6. Michael Novakhov@mikenov

    Azerbaijan launches major new offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh, say Armenians https://youtu.be/lCWRmfu6YGQ  via @YouTube

  7. Michael Novakhov@mikenov

    Donald Trump: Coronavirus super spreader? | DW News https://youtu.be/fupPzVlVrrk  via @YouTube

  8. Michael Novakhov Retweeted

    The Moscow Times


    More than 20 villages are under threat from increasing forest fires near the front-line of Kiev's conflict with separatists in eastern Ukrainehttps://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/10/01/forest-fire-blazes-near-ukraine-front-line-killing-9-a71624 

    Forest Fire Blazes Near Ukraine Front Line, Killing 9

    More than 20 villages are under threat from increasing forest fires near the front-line of Kiev's conflict with separatists in eastern Ukraine


  9. Michael Novakhov Retweeted

    Military History Now@MilHistNow

    On this day in 1993, two U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopters are shot down over Mogadishu, Somalia. 18 Americans are killed and 73 are wounded during the fight to recover the crews. As many as 500 Somalis perish in the battle.

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  10. Michael Novakhov@mikenov

    6:54 AM 10/3/2020 - The FBI-KGB News Review: It became known about the reshuffle in the leadership of the FSB | Fox News: FBI Is New KGB https://fbinewsreview.blogspot.com/2020/10/654-am-1032020-fbi-kgb-news-review-it.html 

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  11. Michael Novakhov@mikenov

    Fox News: FBI Is New KGB https://youtu.be/VeVq6is3zvU  via @YouTube

  12. Michael Novakhov Retweeted



    The first lady, 50, was pictured wearing masks earlier, even after the president dismissed them, and she has tweeted about the importance of wearing them and other protective guidelines.

    But both of them have also appeared in public maskless. https://bit.ly/33onI0M 

    First lady Melania Trump's face masks: Sometimes yes, sometimes no

    First lady Melania Trump has a mixed record on wearing face masks to protect against COVID-19, but she's been more pro-mask than the president.


  13. Michael Novakhov Retweeted



    "It can go either way," said Hadi Halazun, a cardiologist from Southampton. "It can make him a hero. It can rally his base. If he gets quite sick and recovers, I think people will rally behind him." https://nwsdy.li/3lak1C4 

    The president's diagnosis: What Long Islanders are saying

    Billy Ross, a school administrator from Brentwood, sees President Donald Trump's coronavirus diagnosis as a reminder that the virus remains a "great equalizer" and "does not discriminate." Joseph Roma


  14. Michael Novakhov Retweeted

    Daily Mail US


    Murders in NYC increased by 76% in September compared to last year and shootings skyrocketed by 127%, new data reveals https://trib.al/TbKuiHl 

    Murders in NYC increased 76% in September, and shootings rose 127%

    The citywide crime stats released on Friday show that New York's summer crime wave continued into September, as the city continues to grapple with a disturbing rise in violence.


  15. Michael Novakhov Retweeted

    The Washington Post


    Analysis: Here's what happens to the election if Trump can’t perform his duties https://wapo.st/3cTbOz1 

    Analysis | What happens to the election if Trump can’t perform his duties?

    If the worst happens, it could come down to state legislatures deciding what states should do.


  16. Michael Novakhov Retweeted



    With one month to the election, Trump's faring worse than he was in 2016 against Clinton https://www.newsweek.com/one-month-election-trumps-faring-worse-he-was-2016-against-clinton-1535759?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1601716006 

    With one month to the election, Trump's faring worse than he was in 2016 against Clinton

    President Donald Trump has been accustomed to going into an election trailing his Democratic rival in polls and yet coming out victorious. But this time around, the margin is even greater and experts...


  17. Michael Novakhov@mikenov

    Now What? - Defense One https://www.defenseone.com/ideas/2020/10/now-what-trump-covid/168956/ 

    Now What?

    The president’s COVID-19 diagnosis raises a number of questions about when the president was infected and how many other people in the White House might be sick.


  18. Michael Novakhov Retweeted

    The Times of Israel


    Trump adviser says it’s serious, president has some trouble breathing – report https://www.timesofisrael.com/trump-adviser-says-its-serious-president-has-some-trouble-breathing-report/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter 

    Trump adviser says it’s serious, president has some trouble breathing – report

    2nd unnamed official tells CNN situation not deteriorating; third anonymous official says US president is currently okay but there are worries it could change quickly


  19. Michael Novakhov Retweeted

    Vatican News


    of the Day
    "Nevertheless, do not rejoice because the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice because your names are written in heaven."http://ow.ly/pfAL50BE9b4 

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