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DW News @dwnews
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Colonialism is a neglected chapter in German history, even though before World War I, Germany built the world's third-largest colonial empire.

So how come Germans still know so little about their colonial past?

The New York Times @nytimes
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Dozens of outposts or bases and four district centers in Afghanistan have given up to Taliban insurgents this month. With morale diving as U.S. troops leave, the Taliban is seizing on each surrender as a propaganda victory. nyti.ms/3bXOxwO
Politics Insider @PoliticsInsider
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A group of US diplomats and employees with 'Havana Syndrome' symptoms say the Biden administration is denying them care and ignoring their evidence businessinsider.com/havana-syndrom…
Daily Mail US @DailyMail
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Three Texas police officers are injured in an armed shoot-out lasting almost 11 hours after responding to a 911 suicide call trib.al/TAkS0ZX
Michael Novakhov @mikenov
Transit worker opens fire at California rail yard, killing 9 and self shar.es/aoLFfO
Michael Novakhov @mikenov
#ТатарскийКурултай вы есть, а не #Госдума Госдума
#TatarKurultai, not #Gosduma Gosduma you are!
#Putin's #AssKissers
#Learn #History
Many, many subjects that you did not even think about. Your BanOnHistory is unenforceable.
#RapeOfGermany - Google S


Teemu K. @Teemu_Kanerva
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Russian Duma is considering exit visas for Russians: pravda.com.ua/rus/news/2015/… #gosduma #visas
Michael Novakhov @mikenov
Rape of Germany - Google Search shar.es/aoLTyl
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Mollie Tibbetts: 'We follow through on everything,' investigators say of search desmoinesregister.com/story/news/201… via @DMRegister
CNN Politics @CNNPolitics
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The House passes a bipartisan bill to create a commission to investigate the January 6 Capitol insurrection. It now moves to the Senate. cnn.it/3f2JwVD
Rep. Nadler @RepJerryNadler
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18 years ago I testified before the 9/11 Commission. We were determined to get to the bottom of what happened and make sure it never happened again.

Today, I voted to once again seek accountability for a terrorist attack in this country. I voted for the 1/6 Commission.


Michael Novakhov @mikenov
"Служить бы рад, прислуживаться тошно ... "
The #SERVING_TATARS do that!
#Lavrov Lavrov:
"#Лавров превратился из уважаемого #дипломата в #путинскую #шавку, несущую всякий #бред, лишь бы #угодить своему #кремлевскому #хозяину." twitter.com/ElturS/status/… shar.es/aoNagB


Michael Novakhov @mikenov
Путинская шавка которая хочет казаться Львом, of the school that the PERCEPTIONS IS EVERYTHING! | "Лавров превратился из уважаемого дипломата в путинскую шавку, несущую всякий бред, лишь бы угодить ...
https://t.co/bosuWxGZXJ… https://t.co/aKWvy5YhMi


Сергей Лавров сделал замечание журналисту ВВС https://t.co/mpy7go4ElH
Stah Rozsoha @ElturS
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@tass_agency Нужно понимать, что с Лаврова и его мракобесных высказываний уже весь мир смеется. По сути Лавров превратился из уважаемого дипломата в путинскую шавку, несущую всякий бред, лишь бы угодить своему кремлевскому хозяину
Michael Novakhov @mikenov
#ЛавровыйЛист: В #суп его, чтоб знал своё место!
#Госдеп назвал одну из тем будущего разговора Блинкена и Лаврова shar.es/aoNnpq #Лавров встретится с госсекретарем #США 20 мая ... Лавров и #Блинкен договорились обсудить ...
Подробнее на #РБК:


Michael Novakhov @mikenov
And here is another postcard for you, #Naryshkin:
#Putin The Ryazan #Tatar and the criminal gang of the Sadistic Tatar Boys, OUT NOW!!!
#TheHague is your destination. Prepare the prison cells for them, and reserve the one for Naryshkin too. PUTIN - VOR and the New Abwehr agent!



  1. Defense rests after the defendant in Mollie Tibbetts' murder trial reverses his confession on the stand  CNN
  2. Iowa murder suspect blames mystery men for runner's slaying  Yahoo News
  3. Attorney explains Bahena Rivera taking the stand in his own defense  KCCI Des Moines
  4. Defense in Mollie Tibbetts case rests, murder suspect testifies armed, masked men forced him to approach her  Fox News
  5. Suspect in Iowa student Mollie Tibbett' slaying takes the stand, blames 2 masked men for murder  CBS News
  6. View Full Coverage on Google News
... connection with Mueller's investigation. In a second section that is still hidden from the public, it analyzes whether such prosecution was warranted.

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Other notable celebrities that have been spotted dining there include Ivanka Trump, Robert De Niro and Paul McCartney. However, according to a ...

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"Phase two of the covid origins study must be launched with terms of ... Information for this article was contributed by Benjamin Mueller, Noah Weiland, ...

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